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This Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) for providing access to the Services of the World Detonator Service (hereinafter referred to as WD) determines the procedure and conditions on which WD renders to the Client (to an individual and an entity) information and technological interaction services aimed at minimizing risks changes in value when using digital currencies.

World Detonator service is provided by HyperTechLab LTD, Israel, Haifa, Zip code: 31447, P.O. Box 33789, Registration number: 515140911. This company is financially responsible for the execution of all WD obligations taken within the company's own funds.

This agreement is addressed to persons who have reached the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as the "Customers"). Persons under the age of 18 can not use WD.

The offer is considered to be accepted and acquires the power of the contract of accession from the moment of fulfillment by the Client of the actions stipulated by the Offer and signifying acceptance by the Client of its conditions in full.

The current version of the Offer is posted on the official website on the Internet at https://www.worlddetonator.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site) for familiarization without fail until the Customer accepts the terms of the Offer.

Service WD minimizes the risk of changes in value when using crypto currency by concluding an agreement with the Client to pay compensation for damages in the event of a change in the asset's value. Payments of compensation are made from funds collected from WD Clients.

Customer's responsibility.

The client is responsible for compliance with the requirements of the current legislation, incl. legislation on combating the legalization of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism; about cash and non-cash payments; on the protection of personal data; tax legislation; banking legislation; currency legislation.

Each Customer shall be solely responsible for the compliance of its actions in performing WD operations with WD requirements and legal requirements, for any operations performed by it in connection with WD operations through or with the assistance of WD, other data processing systems, telecommunications facilities.

The client bears the responsibility for taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of operations carried out by the Client in WD, including in accordance with the internal service terms, rules and other documents in the field of information security provided by the service.

The presence of malicious code ("backdoors", "worms", "trojan horses", "viruses", "rootkits", malicious "silk codes" on the client's computer (and on any other media that interacts with the computer at the time of working with WD) ", As well as other malicious programs) assigns responsibility for all losses incurred while working in WD on the Client.

The client guarantees that it has all the necessary knowledge to use WD.

The client undertakes not to use WD access to conduct any illegal (illegal) activity. In case of violation of this requirement, the service has the right to block the login and / or the operation carried out before the final decision is rendered by the court and / or other state authority regarding the activities of the Client and the funds on its balance sheet.

Other provisions

The parties are exempted from liability for non-fulfillment of mutual obligations in the event that their failure to act was a consequence of force majeure circumstances arising after their accession to this Offer, or the occurrence of extraordinary events that could not be prevented or envisaged prior to their accession to this Offer. The party in respect of which the circumstances of force majeure apply, must notify the other party not later than 10 days after the occurrence of these circumstances.

In cases not provided for in this Offer, non-fulfillment or improper performance by the Parties of their obligations under it shall entail liability in accordance with the legislation.

The order of interaction in disputed and emergency situations

In the event of controversial and emergency situations, events that caused operational disruptions, incl. in case of suspected access compromise, the Client immediately informs WD (by Contact Details) about these situations and events, their causes and consequences in any way available to the Client.

The further actions of the Parties shall be determined individually for each request by agreement of the Parties, and may be regulated in whole or in part by corresponding treaties or separate internal documents of the Parties.

All disputes and disagreements arising in the process of using WD from this Offer are resolved through negotiations.

The basis for the commencement of negotiations is the submission by one Party of a written claim to the other Party.

The claim is considered within thirty days from the moment of its receipt, after which the Party that received the claim, or satisfies the claims claimed by the other Party, or sends it a reasoned refusal in writing.

In the event that a dispute can not be resolved in a claim procedure within 60 days, either Party may apply to the court at the location of the service.

Other provisions and risks related to force majeure

The WD system is not liable for risks that are beyond the control of the company, including force majeure circumstances, resulting in a complete or partial loss of security on the customer's account (bankruptcy of banks, payment systems, other cases involving a total or partial restriction access to the account on the customer's account).

Service database records take precedence over Customer database records when proving the authenticity of the relevant electronic Orders and Notices.

The client has no right to transfer to third parties their rights and obligations arising from cooperation with the service within WD, without the prior written consent of the service.

All messages with the service related to the operations in WD are sent by the sender in the form of a written document certified by the signature of the authorized representative or the head of the organization of the sender and its seal, registered mail or courier service to the postal addresses indicated as Contact Details of the service, or by electronic message using WD.

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