Frequently asked Questions

#1 What is the cost of insurance?

At the moment, the cost is 5% of the insured amount regardless of the term of insurance.

#2 For how long is the contract concluded?

For any period from 1 day to 10 years. The agreement is concluded only for a period that is a multiple of 24 hours.

#3 How can I earn money here?

There are at least two earnings strategies: 1.Buy Bitcoin and Polis: If bitcoin rose you earn, if bitcoin collapsed, you lose only the price of the policy 2. Buy only the policy: If bitcoin crumbles you will work well, a two-fold collapse will multiply your capital by a factor of 10, if bitcoin rises you lose money. In case 1, you earn less but without risk, in case 2 more, but there is a risk of losing investment. Also, combinations of 1 and 2 variants are possible (buy a policy that is larger / smaller than you have bitcoins, do not sell bitcoin at the same time as the end of the policy, or vice versa sell earlier, etc.)

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