User's Manual

In order to conclude a contract, you must:

  • Go to page Policies
  • In the Time field enter the contract term in days.
  • Click the Add button. In this case, the policy will be added, but it will not be paid, in the Price field you can see the current value of the contract.
  • In case of lack of funds, refill the balance on the page Refill
  • Pay the contract by clicking the Pay button on the page Полисы. Attention, you can pay for the policy within 10 minutes from the date of creation. In case of non-payment, the policy will be automatically deleted.
  • In case of erroneous payment of the policy, you can delete it within 10 minutes from the moment of payment, with funds returning to the balance after deduction of the commission 0.11% of the payment amount.

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